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Voxox to Get a User Boost With PokeTALK Acquisition

Unified communications provider Voxox today announced(Opens in a new window) that it has acquired international calling service PokeTALK from E Mobile, Inc.

The acquisition not only means that PokeTALK’s 600,000 users will be able to transfer to VoxOx (with a free 100 minutes of talk time), but the company will acquire PokeTALK’s technology and partnership agreements with the likes of Samsung, Lenovo, and Hewlett-Packard. Voxox expects these relationships to yield from 5 to 20 million pre-installed links to its service on tablets and laptops from those manufacturers, according to a company representative.

“At Voxox, we are continually pursuing our endeavor to make Voxox a seamless part of people’s lives all over the world,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox. “Our acquisition of PokeTALK, and the ensuing relationships with OEMs such as Lenovo, enables Voxox to become a de facto communication service for new and existing users from the moment they turn on their new device. This is an exciting new foray for us as it helps to continue the global penetration that Voxox is experiencing in over 200 countries worldwide.”

Since 2006, Voxox has offered consumers and businesses a host of telecommunication options, both free and paid, that surpass the features of Google Voice. The service offers not only call routing, but things like video sharing, a virtual assistant, voicemail transcription, IM, social networks, e-mail, SMS, fax and even real-time language translation.

The company also offers low-cost domestic (1 cent a minute) and international calling, as well as apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. As with Skype or Voxer, all communication between Voxox users is free, and the company offers free inbound phone numbers. The company’s Cloud Phone service gives small businesses a turnkey phone routing system. To try out either the personal or business offerings, head to Voxox.com(Opens in a new window).