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Signal App Tests Letting Users Send Private Payments Via Cryptocurrency
(Credit: Signal)

Encrypted messaging app Signal is testing a new feature that’ll let you privately send money to your friends—without going through major financial networks.

To pull this off, the app is adding the ability to pay in a cryptocurrency known as MobileCoin. It will launch first for users in the UK who are using the beta version of the mobile app. 

Signal’s claim to fame is the messaging app’s end-to-end encryption. This means not even the provider can read the content of your messages—only you and the recipient of the messages. Adding a payment system would certainly help improve

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Chia Cryptocurrency Expected to Cause Hard Drive and SSD Shortages

The popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has resulted in shortages of graphics cards as miners buy them in bulk. Now a new cryptocurrency is set to create another component shortage, only this time it’s hard drives and SSDs that will be hard to find.

The new cryptocurrency is called Chia, and it was created by Bram Cohen (Chia Network(Opens in a new window)), who is best known for developing the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol. As Tom’s Hardware reports(Opens in a new window), Chia uses a proof of space time model rather than Bitcoin’s proof of

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