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GE’s Chief Innovation Officer Is Ready to Try Something New

BARCELONA—General Electric hasn’t had the best year. The veteran multinational corporation’s stock prices plummeted into a “falling knife(Opens in a new window)” and recent financial hits have re-ignited talks of a breakup(Opens in a new window). Longtime CEO Jeffrey Immelt stepped down last year and was succeeded by John Flannery, who is tasked with righting the ship.

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Flannery has cut jobs and costs as part of a broad turnaround effort, but one of his first major staffing moves was to promote Sue Siegel to the role of GE’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer.

Siegel has spent

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Ruckus Attempts to Manage the Chaotic World of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be one of the hottest tech buzzwords in the last couple of years but it’s also a mess. It’s chaotic. Devices are insecure; they don’t talk to each other, and they don’t use consistent protocols. And the vast majority are unmanageable, with weak security to boot. As an IT professional, chances are you don’t want them on, or for that matter, anywhere near your network.

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Several vendors are looking to change this situation and one of them is Ruckus Networks (formerly Ruckus Wireless), which was recently acquired by consumer networking vendor Arris. Ruckus Networks

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Don’t Sabotage Your Own Security, Train Your Users

I think the first time I saw a phishing email was back in 2000 while I was working on a testing project with Oliver Rist, who is now PCMag’s Business Editor. One morning we both received emails with the subject line, “I Love You,” which was also the body of the email and there was an attachment. We both knew instantly that the email had to be bogus because, as magazine editors, we knew that nobody loved us. We didn’t click on the attachment. We were, in effect, acting as human firewalls. We recognized a bogus email on sight, and

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