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Open Systems Traverse Review | PCMag

Open Systems and its Traverse financials platform may not be a “household name” among small and midsized business (SMB) operators, but it’s actually been around a very long time. Founded in 1976, Open Systems originally offered a minicomputer-based turnkey general ledger accounting system written in Business Basic. Over the years, the company divested its hardware division and offered an updated version of Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS), which it still offers for operating systems (OSes) other than Windows, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix.

The Open Systems Traverse we’re reviewing here (which begins at $175 per user per month)

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Don’t Sabotage Your Own Security, Train Your Users

I think the first time I saw a phishing email was back in 2000 while I was working on a testing project with Oliver Rist, who is now PCMag’s Business Editor. One morning we both received emails with the subject line, “I Love You,” which was also the body of the email and there was an attachment. We both knew instantly that the email had to be bogus because, as magazine editors, we knew that nobody loved us. We didn’t click on the attachment. We were, in effect, acting as human firewalls. We recognized a bogus email on sight, and

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Payroll by Wave Review | PCMag

Payroll by Wave is available as a standalone online payroll application, though it also appears as a module within the full Wave accounting suite. The payroll service has several major deficits: It has no mobile apps, a rocky payroll process, only one report, and limited support for automatic payroll-tax filing. Its setup process is quite good, however, and its learning curve isn’t arduous. If you have just an employee or two and you’re already using Wave for accounting, you might consider adding Payroll to keep everything integrated. Nevertheless, we don’t recommend it as a standalone payroll application for most businesses.

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