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HTC Tips Lower-Cost Exodus 1s Blockchain Phone

If you’re serious about crypto, the new HTC Exodus 1s might be up your alley.

The smartphone, which includes a built-in crypto wallet, is a lower-cost version of the Exodus 1 blockchain phone unveiled last year, which retailed for about $700. It could only be purchased using Bitcoin or Ether, but the Exodus 1s will go for 219 Euros or the equivalent price in crypto via BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, or BCH.

It will initially roll out in Europe, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

HTC says the Exodus 1s is the first smartphone with full Bitcoin node capabilities.


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FTC to Consumers: Be Careful, Cryptocurrency Scams Are Booming
(Credit: Pixabay)

Be careful with your Bitcoin investments. The number of people who’ve fallen for cryptocurrency scams has been skyrocketing, according to the US Federal Trade Commission.  

On Monday, the FTC reported(Opens in a new window) that consumers lost more than $80 million to cryptocurrency scams in the six-month period between October to March—right as Bitcoin’s value soared from $10,000 to over $57,000.  

“Compared to the same period a year earlier, that’s about 12 times the number of reports and nearly 1,000% more in reported losses,” the FTC wrote(Opens in a new window) in a separate blog

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