Looking to the future as housing association celebrates its 40th anniversary

Celebrating 40 years with a tree planting ceremony

Shropshire Rural Housing Association, which has just celebrated its 40th anniversary, is looking for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds to join its board and committees.

Chair of the board, Sam Hine, said becoming part of the association was a great way for people to help rural communities in Shropshire.

She said: “The volunteers on our board and various committees are a vital part of what makes our association so special.

“We all share a passion for making sure that people who live in the countryside have access to a decent home.

“Rural areas face a very different set of challenges to towns and cities, and we are excited about taking on those challenges, such as the affordability and availability of housing, and working with our tenants to provide the best services we can.”

John Green, chief executive of Shropshire Rural, said volunteers were welcome from all walks of life, especially those with an interest in housing and rural development.

He said: “People are welcome to give as much or as little time as they have to spare, and there are a variety of roles within the board or our more specific committees.

“Relevant professional skills would be useful, such as finance, customer services, governance, law and running a business, but ultimately we are looking for people with a positive attitude and an interest in what we do.

“The association’s values are customer focused, friendly, integrity, teamwork and being inclusive – everything we do is aimed towards providing good quality, affordable places to live in rural Shropshire.”

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