Labour’s Shrewsbury shortlist is reduced to final three as the party bids to oust Tories at General Election

Labour’s Shrewsbury shortlist is reduced to final three as the party bids to oust Tories at General Election
Councillor Julia Buckley
Councillor Julia Buckley

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate will have to battle incumbent Conservative Daniel Kawczynski who has held the seat since 2005 as well as candidates from other parties.

The three Labour hopefuls are Julia Buckley, Carissma Griffiths, and David Parton.

Councillor Buckley, who leads her party’s group on Shropshire Council, stood against the incumbent Conservative in 2019.

She said: “I am delighted to be on the short list for Shrewsbury & Atcham. With the endorsement of six trade unions and nominations from six local party branches I am grateful for the support shown by local members, and I look forward to working together to win our seat back for Labour.

“With my full-time campaign plan and our enthusiastic members, we are set on the right path, so Daniel Kawczynski should start packing his bags”.

Carissma Griffiths, who was celebrating her 34th birthday on Sunday, currently lives in the Leicestershire North West constituency.

Carissma Griffiths

She said: “I am really, really excited about being shortlisted and I am going to reach out to the Labour party members in the constituency. I will be letting them know what I plan to do to win the seat and to convince them that I am the right candidate to do that.

“I will be asking them what from their candidate and MP.

“I think one of the drivers is to make real changes to people’s lives.”

Shrewsbury resident David Parton, a gay man who was raised by his single mum on the Harlescott Grange council estate said: “It’s time for change in Shrewsbury and Atcham. The challenges we face call for a fresh approach, and that’s why I’m delighted to make the shortlist to become Labour’s candidate.

David Parton

“I have the campaigning experience Labour needs to win. I successfully campaigned for the government to ban fraudulent investment scams that prey on the vulnerable. And my experience leading local campaigns to protect Shropshire’s youth and mental health services gives me a unique understanding of our communities.

“If selected, I will have a clear plan focused on a strong local economy and action on the cost of living, halting River Severn pollution and flooding, and defending our NHS and public services.”

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