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Company appointed to lead the way on Shrewsbury redevelopment
A new bridge is part of the plans for Shrewsbury’s Riverside

Shropshire Council has confirmed the appointment of RivingtonHark to lead the regeneration of Riverside and Smithfield areas in Shrewsbury, which include the Riverside and Pride Hill shopping centres.

RivingtonHark, who led the development of Chester Northgate including the new and acclaimed Chester Market, will be leading the project that aims to reconnect the two areas to the wider town centre.

Shropshire Council say it is hoped that the project will unlock the River Severn as a focal point of the town, whilst maintaining the natural beauty, architectural history, and

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Controversial plans for home for children with trauma in Ludlow given go-ahead
Sheet Road, Ludlow. Picture: Google

Dimensions Care had applied to change the house in Sheet Road, Ludlow, into a home-based environment for five children aged between six and 17 with social and emotional needs but it split the community between residents ready to welcome needy young people and those worried about a range of issues including loss of property values.

Shropshire Council planners rejected calls from local councillor Viv Parry to take the issue to the planning committee, deciding that it could be dealt with at officer level under delegated powers.

Council planners said: “In making a recommendation on this

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Green light for giant solar farm ‘sets dangerous precendent’ for loss of farm land
Solar panels

Plans for the 23-megawatt facility on 54.7 hectares of land south of Holyhead Road, Albrighton, were discussed at Shropshire Council’s Southern Planning Committee.

Low Carbon Ltd wants to build the solar farm, which an energy consultant said would be a “hugely important step for Shropshire to take towards to meet its own climate change targets”.

However, not everyone was on board, with concerns raised over losing green belt land which is good for farming. Councillor Ed Potter said: “What bothers me is the agricultural land location in this. This part of Shropshire is where the best land is.

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Stunning penthouse suite with top class views goes on the market in Shrewsbury
The newly-built penthouse suite in Shrewsbury is on the market. Photo: Knight Frank

The penthouse on Chester Street, Shrewsbury has just gone on the market, and its spectacular, modern design makes it an attractive property to purchase.

The property has three bedrooms, has underfloor heating, air conditioning, an entertainment hub, access to a gym and sauna on the ground floor.

The newly-built penthouse suite in Shrewsbury is on the market. Photo: Knight Frank

On the market for £1,200,000, it is set over 260 square metres, and comes with an open plan kitchen and dining room, which has bi-folding doors leading

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