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Walmart manager pulled out gun at team meeting and started firing, witness says
Walmart mass shooting

A Walmart manager pulled out a handgun before a routine employee meeting and began firing wildly around the break room of a Virginia store, killing six people in the nation’s second high-profile mass shooting in four days, police and witnesses said on Wednesday.

The gunman was dead when officers arrived late Tuesday at the store in Chesapeake, Virginia’s second-largest city.

Authorities said he apparently shot himself. Police were trying to determine a motive. One employee described watching “bodies drop” as the assailant fired haphazardly, without saying a word.

“He was just shooting all throughout the room. It

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Council considering biggest council tax rise possible as it faces multi-million deficit

In this month’s Autumn Statement, the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt increased the amount by which councils can raise council tax.

Now Shropshire Council’s Conservative Cabinet member for finance, Councillor Gwilym Butler, had confirmed the administration will be considering the biggest rise possible.

Last year the authority increased council tax by 3.99 per cent, with two per cent exclusively for adult social care.

Councillor Butler said that the inflation pressures hitting households and businesses across the county were also affecting the council – with current predictions likely to see an £11m deficit in the authority’s budget come the end of the financial

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Campaign launched to ‘save village’s character’ and fight plan for 230 houses
230 houses are proposed for Mucklestone Wood Lane. Photo: Google.

The Loggerheads Save Our Village group is bitterly opposing the planning application, which would see new houses built on agricultural land in Mucklestone Wood Lane.

As well as striving to save the greenbelt land, the campaigners are concerned about the effect the development would have on life in the village.

The group said: “Enough is enough. Do you know there are currently 238 houses under construction in Loggerheads? An extra 984+ people will be living in Loggerheads very soon.

“Ashley Doctors’ Surgery already has 4,655 patients registered with them. How

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What Is The Hive Social Media Platform?

As Twitter users begin abandoning ship and fleeing to other platforms due to the Elon Musk of it all, there have been a handful of other social media apps popping up. Some are heading to Mastodon, while others are going back to relive their teens on Tumblr. Somehow, MySpace still hasn’t capitalized on this, though they should!

But if you don’t want to learn all about how Mastodon works (servers are confusing!) and if you have decided to leave 2011 behind and not sign up for Tumblr, you might want to check out one of the newer, less complex social

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Malaysia’s king names reformist leader Anwar Ibrahim prime minister
Anwar Ibrahim talks on a phone as he leaves his office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia’s king named reformist opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as the country’s prime minister on Thursday.

Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah’s announcement ended days of uncertainties after divisive general elections produced a hung parliament.

Mr Anwar’s Alliance of Hope led Saturday’s election with 82 seats, short of the 112 needed for a majority.

United Malays National Organization President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi waves as he leaves after meeting with King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah at National Palace in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday
United Malays National Organisation President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi waves as he leaves after meeting with King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah at National Palace on Wednesday (Vincent Thian/AP)

Former PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s right-leaning

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