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Social media expert warns about oversharing online, and on apps



NEW YORK (PIX11) — Social media has become a prevalent part of one’s day-to-day, with the average person spending about two and half hours each day scrolling through apps.

However, there is a real danger to oversharing personal information online. Peter Shankman, a social media expert, joined New York Living on Wednesday to explain how to stay safe online.

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What If Rumble Is the Future of the Social Web?

In the past year, rumble has grown exponentially. It is an open platform that allows you to connect with anyone on any topic. It’s also super simple to use. Rumble is an interesting new way to be social!

Rumble Is a New Platform for Socializing With Your Friends

  • **Possible Title: What if I’m Not on Facebook?***Outline of the post:

Section: What if I’m not on Facebook?

Section: Haven’t heard of Rumble yet? You’re not alone.

Takeaway: Rumble is a great new way to connect with friends online without being locked into a social network

What if Rumble is the future

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Shrewsbury Market Hall voted best in Britain for second time in five years
Britain’s Favourite Market Award presentation; from left, NABMA President Councillor Mick Barker, Shrewsbury Market Hall fcilities manager Kate Gittins, Shrewsbury Town Council outdoor recreation and leisure manager Mike Cox and Allan Hartwell of sponsors Market Place

The Britain’s Favourite Market Award is the most coveted award up for grabs at the annual Great British Market Awards.

Winners of this year’s awards were revealed at a ceremony in Birmingham on Thursday by the National Association of British Market Authorities.

The popular indoor market previously won the Britain’s Favourite Market award five years ago in 2018. It is home to some 60

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Quitting Social Media May Actually Help Calm Your Broken Online Brain

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter are super popular — 84% of American adults report using at least one social media platform.

However, for better or worse, people spend a lot of time on these apps. About one-third of adults in the US say they are online “almost constantly.” As a result of excessive use, people who spend more time online have increased feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress and experience fewer face-to-face interactions, according to one research analysis.

But some people are choosing to deactivate and walk away. We asked people why and whether it was just

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Police and crime commissioner proposes 5.94 per cent increase in council tax
West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is recommending the increase in his budget proposals for the coming year.

Mr Campion has said the money would help pay for a new crime-fighting team of 55 officers, along with 10 Community Safety Engagement Officers across West Mercia.

He said the teams would be possible due to 40 additional police officers that will be recruited – as well as using previous officers who have joined the force.

Other measures which would be paid for in the budget include bringing in the ‘Drive’ domestic

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