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Teen social media focus groups reveal range of emotions and reactions

Key themes in focus group discussions among teens about the role of social media in
their lives

  • Teens’ reactions to what they see on social media and how they feel about posting run the emotional gamut from anxiety to excitement
  • Teens have appreciation for social connectivity on these platforms but also concerns about drama, unrealistic expectations and bullies
  • Different social media platforms serve different purposes for teens like general socializing, entertainment and direct personal communication
  • Teens acknowledge the tensions of “cancel culture” on social media
  • Teens have a range of definitions for digital privacy
  • Activism is a draw for some
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Teens don’t seem super concerned about social media’s effects on their lives

With widespread , and dubious — not to mention Twitter appearing — you might expect today’s teenagers to view social media as a cesspool. But a survey released today by the Pew Research Center paints a significantly less dire picture of how today’s teens perceive social media’s effect on their lives.

The Pew Research Center 1,316 American teens ages 13 to 17 between April 14th and May 4th, 2022. Much like a from 2018, the adolescents reported a more nuanced — and often rosier — experience than adults who grew up in pre-social-media eras may expect.

Eighty percent of teens

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With Twitter In Turmoil, Is It Time To Re-Evaluate Our Social Media Habits?

Are these the end days of Twitter? The social media platform has been in the headlines daily since its $44BN takeover by Elon Musk, and not for positive reasons.

First came the firing of half its staff, including members of its trust and safety team and a number of key executives, before some were later–awkwardly–asked to return. Then a number of companies suspended advertising on the platform, spooked by the uncertainty around its future

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Social media app Skuy seeks to supplement YikYak, Sidechat

The COVID-19 pandemic made the 2020-21 academic year socially isolating for many Northwestern students. Remote courses led to little campus engagement, as library study sessions, long walks to class and daily meals in the dining halls disappeared for many students.

McCormick junior Isaac Winoto was one of these students, spending the year at home in Indonesia.

“Freshman year, it was so easy for us just to be disconnected with campus,” he said. “A lot of my friends say it’s honestly quite a decentralized campus, so we really need to bring the sense of community back.”

When Winoto returned for his

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