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All Aboard: How to Use Your Phone to Pay for the Subway, Bus, or Train

Many bus, train, and subway systems around the world now let you pay for tickets using your phone. On an iPhone, that means you can use Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. On an Android phone, you can tap into Google Wallet (or Samsung wallet on a Samsung phone). But how do you set up and use your phone so that it works as a mass transit payment method?

There are a couple of methods available here. You can add an existing transit card to your phone. Each time you purchase your travel fare, the money is taken from that card.

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How to Sell on eBay: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Selling items on eBay isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, at least not if you want to be good at it. How can you simplify the selling process, increase the odds of selling your stuff, and turn a decent profit? The answer lies in adopting several key strategies.

You need to know how to price your items, how to open yourself to counteroffers, how to take advantage of free listings, how to update the prices on items that aren’t selling, and how to determine the shipping costs on your items.

Whether you’ve already tried selling stuff on eBay or

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