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First Drive: Can Citroen’s updated C5 Aircross improve on its predecessor’s weaknesses?
The C5 Aircross has proven popular since its introduction in 2018. (Citroen)

Citroen’s known for doing things a little bit differently from others, and its C5 Aircross was a fine example of this. Arriving in 2018 as the French firm’s largest SUV, it’s proven successful, with more than 260,000 sold, if not quite having popularity on the same level as rivals like the Nissan Qashqai.

After a relatively short spell, Citroen is now back with a mid-life refresh to ensure it can remain competitive next to newer models like the Qashqai and Ford Kuga. But is the C5 Aircross able

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Porsche to Install Solar Panel Microgrid at Its Atlanta HQ

Porsche this week signed a 25-year deal with Cherry Street Energy to build and operate a solar power microgrid at its US headquarters in Atlanta.

At One Porsche Drive, energy from solar panels will provide a significant portion of the luxury automaker’s annual electricity needs, and help it reduce its carbon emissions by 3.2 million pounds a year, according to Porsche.

The HQ array, according to Cherry Street Energy, will generate an estimated 2,050 MWh annually, which is enough to power more than 190 average homes for one year. Plus, it represents a CO2 reduction equivalent to avoiding 3.6 million

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Reddit, Kickstarter Join Net Neutrality Protests, Rally Users

In a last ditch effort to save net neutrality, websites including Reddit, Pornhub and Kickstarter are urging their users to tell Congress to intervene.

The appeals were displayed across the web pages on Tuesday. Kickstarter went as far to show a giant pop-up screen with the words “Defend Net Neutrality” across the entire homepage.

Reddit got creative; the technology subreddit(Opens in a new window) displayed a fake alert from a broadband provider warning users they’re out of bandwidth and need to upgrade their internet plan.

The sites joined an online protest on Tuesday called “Break the internet” that opposes

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Amazon Echo Connect Review | PCMag

Amazon Echo smart speakers can make outgoing calls through the internet, but they can’t receive incoming calls from regular phones. The $34.99 Echo Connect is designed to fix that, letting your landline ring on your Echo speakers. It’s an interesting idea, but it doesn’t work in several different ways, and as a result we cannot recommend it.

Design and Compatibility

The Echo Connect is a little black box, about the size of a paperback book, that connects to your landline (or to a VoIP system with an analog RJ11 output, like the Ooma Telo). It comes with an RJ11 cable

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Lyft Adds First Autonomous All-Electric Robotaxis to Las Vegas Fleet

Through a partnership with Motional, Lyft introduced(Opens in a new window) its first all-electric autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas this week.

Motional and Lyft are planning a fully-driverless service launching in 2023 and scaling to multiple US cities. However, for now it will be possible to hail an all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 autonomous vehicle to travel between popular locations on the Las Vegas Strip(Opens in a new window). However, unlike the final service next year, operators will still be present in the front seats.

The experience will be a little different(Opens in a new window) from

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PureLiFi Demos Skype Call Over Light-Based ‘LiFi’

BARCELONA—PCMag witnessed a small footnote in telecom history this week at Mobile World Congress: the first Skype call over a light fidelity (LiFi) connection.

The call was made using an old Samsung Galaxy S5 housed in a custom-built case that was adapted to fit a modified LiFi-XC dongle. The demo was made possible by modifying PureLiFi’s existing Linux drivers so they played nice with Android, which is of course based on a version of Linux.

PureLiFi CTO and co-founder Mostafa Afgani told us that it took five weeks to rewrite the code, modify the hardware so the handover module connected

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