The Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to place a question on the ballot in November to fix a long-standing property tax inequity issue in Briargate. 

About 22,000 residents in the Briargate area will decide in November whether the entire area should pay about $100 a year in property taxes to a district for the management of shared spaces such as medians and parks. 

Currently, only about 7,600 properties owe the tax and 2,400 are exempt, Councilman Randy Helms said. The issue has been ongoing and a solution has been in the works for about three years.

To ensure everyone pays equally, the city will ask residents to create a new general improvement district that would cover all the properties and replace the existing special improvement maintenance district. 

The new larger district would generate $1.5 million for maintenance up from $1.1 million, according to a city presentation. The revenue is needed to cover the costs of maintaining properties along main corridors, such as Lexington Drive, Research Parkway and Union Boulevard, said Eric Becker, special improvement maintenance district administrator previously.

Briargate resident Tom Hayden, who helped lead work on a solution, praised the council for asking for a revision to the ballot question that makes it clear the old district will be replaced by the new and the question is not asking to increase taxes. 

“I very much appreciate your advocacy for the transparency that I think is required on all ballot issues to let the people understand what they are voting for,” Hayden said. 

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